Scene 1. Mines-searching

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Kingin-zan Shikinai Kasegikata
A picture showing workers in the Sado Gold-Silver Mines
Inspecting of dug tunnels for mines-searching, passing, water drainage and ventilation
Mining specialist workers digging in shifts
Reinforcing tunnels via strengthening their walls and roofs
Water removal through "Suijo-rin" drainage equipment
Horiko workers carrying out ores

Scene 2. Sorting out, trading ores with price setting, smelting

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Reforging kana-hori daiku workers' chisels at the metal workshop
Breaking the ores shined and sorting out them based on a quality level
Women workers sorting out
Administrative office to manage the whole mines operation
Ni-uri trading
Trading ores with price setting

Scene 3. Dug ores being devided, Guard station, town houses at Aikawa town

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Dobe-goya hut
Dobe-goya hut, where discarded ore wastes being re-sorted and reprocessed
Dug ores being divided between magistrate's office and mining operators
Ainoyama, Rokujumai sankasho gobansho no uchi Kami-Aikawa
Guard stations connecting mines and town
Machiya town houses at Aikawa town

Scene 4. Smelting ores, Gold and Silver sorting, smelting

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Smelting ores at the buyer's house
Kanaba workshop
Ores mined being finely-fractured and screened
Usuba workshop
Ores fractured and screened being dissolved in water and stone-ground
Neko-nagashi equipment
Gold and silver being gathered and sorted out
Scene of silver smelting from silver sulfide and then gold and silver being recovered
Hai-fuki-doko ash-blowing furnace
Gold- and silver- bearing ores being cupeled
Gyobutu o-fuki-doko big furnace
Gold- and silver- bearing ores being cupeled
Kin gin fukiwake doko furnace
Separating suji-kin gold containing silver and cupeled silver of high grade from gold silver alloys

Scene 5. Praceling alloys of gold and silver at coinage unit

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Coinage Unit
Suji-kin tama fuki
Parceling suji-kin alloys of gold and silver in units of 1.9 kilograms at coinage unit
Suji-kin so-fuki
Taking samples out of one year's amount of suji-kin alloys for purity assessment at coinage unit

Scene 6. Refining and recovering gold at coinage unit

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Burning a burnt suji-kin (refined gold) combined with salt, and high purity gold remained at coinage unit
Yaki-kin toriba
Washing out salt from yaki-kin, burnt gold at coinage unit
Momi-kin and Yose-kin
Recovering gold left in the washing at coinage unit
Casting gold into a mold at coinage unit

Scene 7. Assessing the quality of beatened flat gold, and shaping oval gold coins

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Goto yakusho
Assessing the quality of nobe-gane, beatened flat gold at Goto yakusho, coinage unit
Nobe-gane aragiri
Cutting nobe-gane, beatened flat gold into pieces of 3x1.5cm
Goto fuki sho
Shaping koban, oval gold coins
Goto fuki sho
Putting goku-in seal and color them gold - Koban, gold coins completed

Scene 8. Coinage Unit and Copper refining

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En-gin fukiage
Recovering silver from the washing water at the time of yose-kin operation
Sakin hai fuki doko
Forging gold coins from sakin, placer gold by cupellation method or ash-blowing method
Dissolving minerals in copper and separating impure substances at copper furnace
Sluicing work area to refine ores
Ni-fuki doko
Ni-fuki doko
Ma-fuki doko
Ma-fuki doko
Nan-ban doko
Nan-ban doko
Hai-fuki doko
Cupellation furnace for ash-blowing
Do-doko yakusho
Copper furnace office

Scene 9. Placer gold collecting

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Hama nagashi ukenushi no koya seriba
Separating sand and minerals
Hama nagashi kasegi-kata
Collecting placer gold flown into the seashore and river