Niigata University Asahimachi tenjikan


About the Museum

Niigata University Asahimachi Museum is a university museum that extensively exhibits valuable academic materials such as specimens, laboratory instruments, and archaeological materials collected and accumulated through research and education at Niigata University.

Niigata University was established in 1949 based on the post-war reform of the academic system. The predecessors of each faculty, including the National Niigata Teacher’s School and the Niigata Medical School, were established during the Meiji and Taisho periods.

In 1999, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding, a public exhibition of valuable academic materials accumulated over the university’s long history was held to rave reviews. Based on the exhibits from the above exhibition, and as a stepping-stone toward the establishment of the Niigata University General Museum, the Niigata University Asahimachi Scientific Materials Exhibition Room was established in December 2001 with the aim of making the university’s valuable academic materials widely available to the public, both inside and outside the university. In April 2004, the name of the museum was changed to the Niigata University Asahimachi Museum.

In October 2022, the Museum was designated as an “Institution Equivalent to a Museum” by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. With this designation, the museum is now an institution subject to the Museum Law. Through special exhibitions and other activities, the museum will strive to further contribute to education, research, and the local community.

Niigata Univeristy Asahimachi Museum

Historical Timeline

1926 A ceremony was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Niigata Normal School and to announce the construction of a memorial hall.
1929   June

Niigata Normal School Memorial Hall completed.
Used as a children’s education museum, etc.

1946 Niigata Normal School was reorganized and the building is donated to a foundation.
1949   May Niigata University opened.
Used as a library branch of the Faculty of Education, Niigata University.
1966 Used as the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University.
1968 Used as a facility for the Faculty of Education.
1994 Used as the Niigata Education Center of the Open University of Japan
1999 Niigata University 50th Anniversary
An open exhibition was held, bringing together valuable academic materials from various departments, and this event provided the impetus for the construction of a university museum.
2001   December 1 Opening of the Niigata University Asahimachi Academic Materials Exhibition Room.
2003   March The volunteer organization “Friends of the Asahimachi Museum” was established.
2004   April 1 Niigata University (National Cooperation) was established.
Name changed to Niigata University Asahimachi Museum.
2005   November The building became a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan along with the red gate and brick walls of the Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University (formerly Niigata Medical School).
2011   September 23 – October 7 Held the 10th anniversary special exhibition “Public Exhibition of Rare Academic Materials in Niigata University’s Collection” at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center.
2020   March Human skeleton excavated from Sado Douno Shell Mounds became a designated cultural property of Niigata Prefecture.
2020   November Renovation work Started.
2021   March Renovation work finished.
The design of the windows was restored to that of the time of its founding.
2021   July Reopening Ceremony
2022   October Designated as a “facility equivalent to a museum.”