Niigata University Asahimachi tenjikan

Privacy Policy

1. Basic Concept

Niigata University Asahimachi Museum collect data on individuals to the extent that healthy maintenance of its official site (the site that begins with “”) necessitates. The collection and use of the data shall be based on the “regulation on information of individuals” (2005, regulation No.19) and the following policies, and its scope shall be limited within the purpose defined below.

2. The Scope of Information Collection

  1. This site collects data such as name, address, and telephone numbers voluntarily submitted by a person who makes questions, opinions, or some other contacts with the museum or Email addresses submitted by a person who make contacts through Email.
  2. This site may collect data such as internet domain names, IP addresses and visiting frequencies from the outside. In this case, technically speaking, the site may use cookie information and javascript programs.

3. Purpose of Use of Data on Individuals

  1. Questions and opinions collected under the term of above 2.1. shall be used to enhance the service of the museum, and in order to answer them, the museum may use submitted data such as name, mail address, address, and telephone numbers. Also the museum may transfer the data to other sections of Niigata University according to the character of questions and opinions.
  2. The data collected under the term of 2.2. shall be used for the maintenance of the site and the site analysis. In addition, third-party services such as Google Analytics may be used to analyze usage in accordance with the procedures set forth in the university’s “Guidelines for the Use of Data Center and Cloud Services”. Also, the result of a site analysis may be entrusted to an external contractor but such an external contractor must write a pledge to the museum on the protection of personal information.

4. Limit of Data Usage and Data Submission

Even though the limits on the usage of personal data collected on this site is limited within the extent that the achievement of the “purpose of use” (3.) necessitates, in case of the requirement of disclosure based on law, illegal accesses, illegal activities such as intimidation and threat, and some other special reason, and in case that there is an advance consent with a person who submitted data, the museum may give the data to a third party.

5. Security Measures

The museum shall take security measures to properly maintain personal data collected on the site or by some other means, protecting it from illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leak.