We answer your frequently asked questions to Niigata University Library.

How to Use

Q1: I'm not a member of Niigata University, Can I use the Library?

A: You can use our Library. Before you visit, please see Location.

If you are over 18 years of age who live in Niigata prefecture, you can borrow books.

Please refer to Library Guide for more information.

Q2: Can I eat or drink in the Library?

A: In the library, beverages are permitted only in securely covered containers.

Please keep them in your bag except when drinking.

Limited eating and drinking are permitted at Information Lounge (1st floor, building B, Central Library)
or Refresh Space (2nd floor of M&D Library).

Please be considerate of other users and refrain from eating smelly, greasy or noisy foods.

Please take your waste with you when you leave the library.

Q3: Can I use my cell phone in the library?

A: If you need to take a phone call, please do so at Information Lounge (1st floor, building B, Central Library)
or at Refresh Space (2nd floor of M&D Library).

Q4: Can I use OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) at home?

A: Yes. You can use OPAC from anywhere using your PC or mobile phone or smartphone.

Q5: What's the difference between free and paid content available from CiNii Articles?

A: Academic journals published by academic societies cannot be published free
because they make profits from their journals.

On the other hand, university research bulletins are free in order to make research results widely available.

Q6: Can anyone browse rare books at any time? What are the conditions for using them?

A: Rare books are housed in Rare Collections Room (1st floor, building A, Central Library)
and Special Collections Room (M&D Library).

If you wish to browse them, submit the application form (WordPDF) by 17:00 one day before the date of use.

After the application, we will contact you on whether you are able to use the material or not.

Click HERE for details. (in Japanese)

Q7: Can I borrow or photocopy rare books?

A: These are in-library use only. Please sit in your assigned seat and browse.

You cannot photocopy because of deterioration and damage,
but photography using your own camera (without flash) may be permitted.

If needed, please contact us. Click HERE for details. (in Japanese)

Q8: Can I photocopy materials inside the library?

A: Photocopying materials is possible with some exceptions.

A copy of master's theses or doctoral dissertations requires authorization from the copyright holder.

The latest issue of periodicals and newspaper, rare books cannot be photocopied.

You can photocopy less than half of the total pages of the work within the bounds of the copyright law.

Click HERE for details. (in Japanese)

Q9: I lost something in the library. What should I do?

A: Please contact the circulation desk in each library.

We will attempt to contact the owner by phone or e-mail, if the item is identified.

(ex. Student ID Card).

Please come to the desk as soon as possible.

Q10: I lost my library card. What should I do?

A: Report the missing card to the Library immediately to block the use of the lost card.

Niigata University staff and visitors can apply for a replacement card at the circulation desk.

Visitors will need to simply show identification and fill out a new application form.

If the lost card is found, please return it to us immediately.

Students should contact the Students' affairs section of your faculty.

For Niigata University members

Q1: Can I access e-journals and databases from home?

A: Some e-journals and databases can be accessed from home via SSL-VPN service.

Click HERE for details. (in Japanese)

Q2: Why is there a limit on the number of users who can access online newspaper?

A: The newspaper article database impose limits on the number of simultaneous users
based on the license we are assigned.

To increase the number of allowed users, it costs more.

If the service is unavailable, try again later.

Q3: Do I need reservation to borrow PC?

A: You can use PC without reservation.

But if you would like to use Learning Commons or ICT Lecture Room (building B, Central Library),
Multimedia Hall (M&D Library) in purpose of lectures and so on, you should book in advance.

Also, you can borrow a laptop available in the library.

You can connect your own PC to the wireless network in our library.

Use PCs (Niigata University students and staff)

Q4: What can I use a large format printer for?

You can use it to make large posters and drawings etc. You must pay for your print.

Click HERE for details. (in Japanese)

Q5: Can anyone use the large format printer?

A: Only Niigata university students and staff can use it.

Click HERE for details. (in Japanese)


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